What’s Your Career Identity?

Disruption and transformation abound in the health care and managed care fields today.  We face new roles, new business models, new competitors, new demands to add value and new success metrics.  Leadership, most especially, requires a flexible mindset.  A rigid sense of who we are (even if authentic) just won’t cut it.  Commitment to personal growth, curiosity, learning and a strong sense of career identity will. 

Managed Care Organization CEO Turnover Rates

MCOL has just conducted an analysis of managed care organization CEO turnover during the past ten years, based on the National Managed Care Leadership Directory database, and found the turnover rates to be surprisingly high, given the importance of management stability and continuity for most organizations. One-fourth of managed care organization CEOs turned over during the past year, one-third turned over during the past two years, one-half turned over during the past three years, two-thirds during the past five years and only one in seven remain from ten years ago.

Recent Innovations with Retail Clinics

rNimble is all about innovation - so from time to time Innovation is what I'd like to discuss from this stump.

What is rnimble?

Here's a new two minute video that helps answer the question: What is rNimble:


rNimble Press Release

MCOL is excited to be launching rNimble. If you haven't done so already, we encourage you to read our press release about the launch (Businesswire, Tuesday, October 7th, 2014.)

Micro-consulting vs Macro-consulting

The notion of micro-consulting relies on the idea that we all have valuable knowledge and expertise in certain domains. In our personal lives we may share advice or instruction to a family member or friend based on our specific niche knowledge that they may be interested in or have need for, and in our professional lives we develop deep insights becoming subject matter experts in several different capacities.