You are enthusiastic about collaborating for success. You are optimistic about healthcare transformation. You are an expert and want to share your knowledge. You rNimble.

rNimble is building a network of microconsultants who can leverage their expertise and background to serve clients with shorter-term business needs. rNimble's services will be offered to an extensive distribution base of more than 150,000 subscribers in partnership with MCOL, as well as other unique opportunities within the innovative healthcare ecosystem.

We welcome the opportunity to work with an eclectic team of individuals and organizations looking to expand their professional brand while helping rNimble clients achieve success. rNimble microconsultants serve as a valued resource providing healthcare expertise.

To learn more, see our FAQ for Microconsultants or download our Flyer for Microconsultants.

To join us, please fill out the microconsultant registration form.