We collaborate with early to late-stage startups and established organizations to contribute deep domain on key aspects of healthcare and the related markets that are converging as the system transforms.

  • Microconsulting: rNimble provides consultative services to meet unique and shorter term business needs that require expertise in healthcare and complementary fields.
  • Strategy: Activate your business objectives with strategies that will help you succeed. We provide strategy support in all capacities from conception to execution for a desired end result.
  • Intelligence: Transcend your knowledge to understand the dynamic healthcare ecosystem. We bring market insights from the external landscape to help you sort through key considerations that impact your objectives.
  • Relationships: Amplify your network with meaningful connections that enrich your Rolodex. We facilitate valuable connections because we believe that in many cases it is not what you know but who you know.
  • Whitepapers: Fortify a topic with key insights that inform clients and/or industry colleagues. We craft compelling reports that generate acumen to address real healthcare needs.

rnimble can fill your needs by connecting you to microconsultants with a wide range of expertise who work all over the United States.